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We are a professional beauty stylist who specializes in wedding makeup application. wedding makeup services were traditionally requested only for the bride, but many wedding makeup artists now perform makeup for the bride’s attendants as well.

What is the significance of makeup?

1. Makeup boosts your confidence.

One of the most significant reasons to apply makeup is to boost your confidence. Makeup can help you feel more confident, i.e. girls with makeup are more confident and ready to face the day. This increased sense of control is essential for maintaining the good attitude you deserve when venturing out into the world.

2. Will keep your skin safe.

Makeup can help you protect your skin and keep it safe from pollutants such as smog and pollution. Makeup forms a thin layer of protection around your skin, preventing it from being directly exposed to dust. While cosmetics will not provide complete protection, the chance of damage will be reduced.

3.Makeup can help you look better.

Every woman wants to appear her best, but it can be difficult; here is where makeup can help. A woman can apply cosmetics to seem stunning and inviting. Most importantly, cosmetics can accentuate many of a woman’s inherent characteristics. A beautiful blush can aid to make the prominent cheeks more obvious and dynamic in style.

4. Makeup makes you look perfect in photos

You can use makeup to look best in photos. Sometimes the natural features on your face will not be all that noticeable. But with makeup, you can add a brighter look to your face and produce a good style that adds a nice touch all around and helps you to look your best for the camera.


The fascinating aspect of Indian culture is its diversity! Every nook and cranny in India has a unique ritual, religion, or custom that contributes to the country’s colorful alchemy of cultures.

Weddings are an intriguing occasion, especially in India, because each religion has a different style of wedding ritual. Obviously, the brides and their traditional clothes differ, making the Indian beauty scene just as diversified.

Read on as we try and put together bridal looks from different cultures…

  • The Mahrashtrian Bride
  • Punjabi Bride
  • Muslim Bride


Maharashtrian Bride

The Marathi bride is a sight to behold. The bride is dressed in a ‘nauvari’ saree, which is comparable to the Tamil manner of draping a saree, and she wears the traditional half-moon bindi and a ‘karwar nath,’ which is a pearl nose ring. She also wears a ‘ambada,’ which is a bun decoration exclusive to the Marathi bride. Makeup is retained. basic and lovely hairdo in a bun

The Punjabi Bride

A Punjabi bride typically wears a salwar suit or lehenga in brilliant colors, and the Punjabi custom is rich in religious jewelry. A Punjabi bride’s essentials include ‘Kaleere,’ a hand adornment,’ chooda,’ nath,’ and maang tikka.

Because the bride is forced to cover her head with a veil throughout the wedding ceremony, her makeup is kept basic and her hair is frequently pulled back.

Muslim Bride

The colourful dress known as a’sharara’ or a ‘gharara’ is the first item that draws attention to the Muslim bride. Brides traditionally wear red and green embroidered gowns. A Muslim bride wears a variety of jewellery. The ‘paasa’ or ‘paakeeza’ is the item worn on the side of the head, either alone or alongside the’maang tikka’. This is the most eye-catching accessory that you will not see on any other bride. The makeup is done to complement the dress, with an emphasis on the eyes. Muslim brides are frequently seen with deeply kohled eyes and light lips. The bride’s hair is pulled back and she wears a veil over her head.

Christian Bride

A Christian bride in white with a veil over her head appears attractive and classy. Her outfit will take center stage if she is naked or has minimal makeup on. This is the only bridal wedding gown that allows the bride to wear her hair in flowing waves or tie it back, depending on her preference. She can accessorize with exquisite, dainty jewelry and a small corsage of flowers on her hair.

Bengali Bride

Bengali brides typically wear red or maroon Benarasi silk saris with extensive zari embroidery. They wear their Benarasi saree in the traditional way. They apply ‘alta’ to their feet and palms; this plays an important role in the bride’s makeup. Alta is a deep maroon mehendi replacement. The bride’s forehead is painted with red and white sandalwood, and a large red bindi is placed in the center. The lips are maintained red to match the bindi, and the hair is wrapped back in a bun.

Tamil Bride

Dressed in kanjeevaram silk sarees that are either draped normally or in the’madisaru’ style, in which the saree is draped in the style of a dhoti at the bottom and pleated in a pallu at the top. The Tamil bride typically drapes her saree in this manner. Hair is braided or bunned. On the braid or the bun, special hair decorations are applied. Chokers, mango’maalais’ (necklaces with mango designs), a thick golden waist cincher, and a nose ring are all must-haves for a Tamil wedding. Makeup is kept minimal, with an emphasis on the eyes.

Rajasthani Bride

The bridal outfit of a Rajasthani woman is majestic. The lehenga or ghagra is often made of silk and decorated with embroidery. The odhni, or veil, is an important aspect of Rajasthani culture and is worn to cover the bride’s head. The ‘bor’ (a specific sort of maang tikka), the ‘timanniya’ (a specific type of choker), and the ‘baajuband’ (an armlet) are key items of jewelry for the Rajasthani bride. With the heavy jewelry and lehenga, the bride usually wears little makeup and her hair is pulled back.

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We are a professional beauty stylist who specializes in wedding makeup application. wedding makeup services were traditionally requested only for the bride, but many wedding makeup artists now perform makeup for the bride’s attendants as well.

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